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Move over, Deadheads: Meet the ‘Chautauquanauts’

A cozy business in Enterprise, Oregon provided more than just coffee, homemade apple cake and Internet access to New Old Time Chautauqua. Gypsy Java Coffee Lounge – an appropriately named pit stop for a band of gypsy vaudevillians – also … Continue reading

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What is Chautauqua? Ask Stephen Bent

Since he first became a Chautauquan in 2004, co-band leader and Flying Karamazov Brother Stephen Bent has had to field the question “What is Chautauqua?” Here’s his heartfelt answer, re-posted from a Facebook blog he composed after the Redwood Vaudeville … Continue reading

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Closing Circle: Best of Chautauqua

What’s worse than waking up for a 7:30 a.m. high school biology test — worse than waking up from a week-long bender in Tijuana — worse than waking up after being cryogenically frozen for 7,000 years and finding out that … Continue reading

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Camp Winnarainbow, Mateel Center

Like a suitcase that just barely holds those final, smashed items of clothing, we were able to pack just-that-much-more-than-we-ever-thought-possible into the end of Chautauqua 2010. The aforementioned community shows were one example. Another shining example was Camp Winnarainbow. On July … Continue reading

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Reservation, Round House, Seniors, Soup Kitchen

Sometimes, we may operate with the understanding that Chautauqua is here to parade into a town and give our gift to a community. On Monday, we were humbled and honored to travel to the Round Valley Reservation in Covelo and … Continue reading

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Chautauquans live on air at KMEC

Big news. An hour’s worth of it! Our fabulous aerialist and songbird, Alyra, landed us a spot on KMEC, Ukiah’s alternative radio station.  Her father, Govinda, is the show host, and he put up with a large pack of Chautauquans … Continue reading

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Chautauqua Time = Good Times

It’s not exactly common knowledge, but there is an obscure time zone, somewhere between Eastern and Pacific, known as Chautauqua Time. In this zone, an accordian-driven alarm clock that feels like it is ruining one’s dreams at 4 a.m.  — … Continue reading

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