Photo Time!

Talkeetna Theater

Yay! I finally feel caught up enough on the words to post some photos. And by the way, morale is up! We got a break from the cold and the rain today, and are currently frolicking about the grassy fields, or else working on a myriad of projects, bus repair, dinner prep, surprise presents for a little Birthday girl, ultimate frisbee, acro, juggling, blogging, etc…

Trail Blazing

The real jewel of the day however, was our last minute trip to the Palmer Senior Center. Planned this morning, and performed this afternoon, we paraded into that little building in full flying colorful musical circus glory. The show was 45 minutes, and many of the faces were just fully glowing the whole time, people clapped along and cheered with joy. Whats really great about these shows, and we will probably hear about soon, is the residual energy we leave there. According to numerous reports from past senior centers, (paraphrased by me), the atmosphere is left more vibrant and a sense of happiness prevails for days. You’d believe me if you saw those smiles.

The Bus came by and I got on, Thats when it all began...

Also, I caught some editorial errors in some previous entries, forgive me, there’s always a bus to catch, a show to do, or sleep to get. Grammer is not my priority, that’s why I spelled it wrong. Conveying the action and the feeling of this whirlwind tour is my priority. Anyway… Here’s the biggest mountain in North America photographed from the sky.

Denali from the Airplane

So it was revealed to us that yesterday, the cold rainy day when we worked on the trail, we were all served DECAF! Ahhhhh! No wonder we lacked gusto, and yes it was an accident. We didn’t find out until today, when somebody read the fine print. Not surprisingly, we ended up drinking about twice as much as usual, and still took naps after work. We did finish the work though! Hehehe, a good social experiment at least…

Stephen on a Stick

The real Stephen Bent couldn’t make it this time, for the first time in many years. He had to go perform in London with the Flying K’s. Darn. But none-the-less he was bummed to miss this tour. And we miss him too, so we we brought him on a stick. Cheers Mate.

Typical Wedding Reception... Amiel and Hallie, hours after being married, stand in the middle of flying flaming torches. That was a super fun wedding by the way; a beautiful ceremony up on a little mountain was followed by a rollicking reception that went late into the un-night.

And for the last photo, in true self indulgent fashion, I present my glowing balls. Bringing juggling to a whole new light, as Harry said.


See I’m not a liar, photos at last. Even if they come in no particular order. And of course there are even more up on facebook. So thanks for looking, I’ll do my darndest to put up more soon.

Go do something silly!

Sincerely, Blog Monkey Extraordinaire,

Eli “Dr. Bonkers” March

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