Is it a Chautauqua Yet?

Our bags are packed and the plans are set. It’s time to get on the bus and head to the land of midnight sun, but alas! That would be too easy, and so not more than 10 minutes into the journey, we encounter the first challenge…

The following is a snapshot from our own email correspondence, written by Stefan. Enjoy.

“First off a huge Cheer for a very dedicated crew who have been working almost around the clock down in Eugene getting the bus ready to roll. Much hard work, many long hours, mucho thanks.

Indeed, the bus is packed up and was ready to leave Eugene, but… there’s something wrong with the brakes. Actually, the brakes work great, they just won’t go off – seems to be something in an automatic parking brake safety system that intermittently won’t turn off like it should.

Really, it *is* Chautauqua's bus!

The good news:

  • The problem happened in Eugene (not the Yukon Territory)
  • Better yet, they were practically right next door to a truck repair place
  • Still better, the shop seems like they know what they’re doing (our crew likes them)
  • The mechanics were willing to work after hours in an attempt to figure out what’s going on – and will be back at it early in the morning to continue
  • We had an ‘extra’ day scheduled, so we’re not even that far behind schedule
  • We’ve only got a half dozen people stranded in Eugene, staying at friends houses rather than 30 people on the side of the highway…

So… best case scenario: the mechanics figure out the problem and a solution early tomorrow morning, the bus is on the road before noon, arrives in Bellingham before the 8:00 show… a final flurry of stuff shuffling during Vaudevillingham, and we’re still rolling after the late show.

We’ll see.

If the bus can’t get up here tomorrow we’ll have a big slumber party somewhere (maybe at the quarry??) for everyone who’s in town while we try to psychically heal the bus from afar.

Again, everyone be sure to give the Eugene crew a hug and a round of thanks when they do arrive.


An so the show must go on! It’s sure to be an exciting journey ahead so stay tuned for more updates along the way.  –

Midnight Sun Vaudeville Tour Blog Monkey Extraordinaire,

Eli “Dr. Bonkers” March

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2 Responses to Is it a Chautauqua Yet?

  1. folks are doing a run to Portland tomorrow to get a part and then we are on the road for real !

  2. Randy "Rude Rudy" Carey says:

    hope the bus is running well! How was the border crossing? Keep us posted, Dr. Bonkers Dad

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