Chautauqua Time = Good Times

It’s not exactly common knowledge, but there is an obscure time zone, somewhere between Eastern and Pacific, known as Chautauqua Time. In this zone, an accordian-driven alarm clock that feels like it is ruining one’s dreams at 4 a.m.  — is actually just waking one up for breakfast at 8:30.

And somehow, it’s possible to drive from Amanda and Jim’s lovely property in Occidental, to the Solar Living Institute in Hopland, swim in the river along the way, set up tents, wake up, do workshops and a teaser show in Ukiah, do a regular show back at camp, have a blissful wine party under the full moon, wake up, do workshops and a show in Sebastapol, drive home, wake up and drive to Willits, do workshops and be sitting backstage ready for another evening show … ALL IN ONE DAY!

It’s true.  Some folks might call it four days, but in a flash of Chautauqua Time, it only feels like one. That’s why it’s only just now possible to chronicle all of that action. We Chautauquans cram so much into such few hours that the tour becomes a total blur of non-stop creativity, hilarity, flying clubs, laughing children, late night conversations, bus-ride-turned-dance-parties and not much time to BLOG (or sleep).

So, let’s just recap the past few days by focusing on a few stars in the constellation of our mad travels:

  • The Hopland show, at our host site, the fantabulous Solar Living Institute, was lit up by a setting sun, a glowing peace sign backdrop and a stellar lineup, including local act The Raging Grannies. Ask them about Dr. Bronners. You won’t regret it.
  • (The band was tipped $40 to play into the night so the solar residents could get their groove on:)
  • Happy crowd at the Hopland show

  • The Occidental show at Analy High School, which benefitted Connections (a non-profit that helps support women in business through networking, education and community service), had pretty much the best crowd ever. They packed the house and laughed at all our jokes. Including the ones that aren’t even funny!
  • We have begun operating as a truly wacky and only slightly disfunctional family, as we tease one another at morning meetings, steal each other’s cups and silverware, take cuts in line for showers and stay up until the wee hours of Chautauqua time singing Beatles songs in homage to the full moon (but not mooning the moon; we would never do that).

And now, there are only 50 minutes left until the Willits show begins. In Chautauqua time, that will feel like five. So, off the computer and on with the costume! More soon.

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